Your Guide to Efficiency at the Office [Sponsored]

May 31, 2018 | Organization

Guest post by Eleanor Whitney, Managing Editor of All Hands

Whether you are an administrator, executive assistant, office manager, or have a custom title like efficiency guru, you play a business-critical function in driving workplace productivity and creating a great office experience for your team. Depending on your office space, company size, and specific role, your day-to-day responsibilities may change, but overall you know that you’re responsible for bringing your company’s goals to life and ensuring that your office functions seamlessly.

As more and more offices are developed to be a home-away-from-home for their employees, technology advances, and we are all expected to be more productive in less time, the daily operations of the office become more complex — and so does your job. A key component of your role is balancing a disparate set of responsibilities, including managing the office space, working with vendors, and providing employee assistance.

To help you with this challenge, Managed by Q created The Complete Guide to Office Management. It’s based on what we’ve learned from working with thousands of office managers and administrators around the country to ensure a great office experience for their teams.

The free eBook includes detailed guidelines on how to:

  • Manage office operations, including establishing a daily routine, planning for cleaning and maintenance, and setting up a task management system.
  • Work with vendors, including organizing contacts, communicating expectations clearly, and address any issues that arrive productively.
  • Provide employee assistance including supply ordering, meeting and travel booking, new employee onboarding, and planning employee bonding events.

We know that your company values your expertise and hope you will use this guide to organize and support the work you do every day.

Get the free guide here.

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