World Productivity Day Flash Sale! Save on Our Six-Part Productivity Webinar Series

Jun 20, 2017 | Career Development, Productivity

What if there was a way to improve your productivity, and get out of the office on time each day? How would you spend those extra minutes or even hours? What else could you get done if you better managed your day?

Being productive is something most of us strive for…but not all of us are successful at it.

So today, in honor of World Productivity Day, we want to help you get more done in less time – consistently! For today only, we’re offering a flash sale on our six-part productivity webinar series, Too Much To Do: The Productive Admins Guide to Managing Time, Tasks, and Capacity!

The sessions in this six-part productivity webinar series include:

1. Too Much to Do! Developing Your Strategy for Peak Productivity in the Information Age: If your to-do list is making you weak in the knees, you need to develop a strategy for improving your productivity. This session will explain the seven reasons you have too much to do, how to calculate your productive value and much more!

2. Find Time To Do It! Tightening Up Your Time Management Habits to Ensure Maximum Productivity: The key to maximizing productivity is to become a master at prioritizing each task in accordance with your overall goals, and where you add the most value in helping to achieve them.

3. Focus On It! Overcome Distractions, Increase Concentration, and Get More Done: Even the most effective time management system won’t improve your productivity if you can’t focus on the most important things that need to get done each day. So how do you become the master of focus and concentration? Learn to refuse distractions.

4. Information Overload! Define Your Own Unique System to Organize and Process Incoming Information: When you need to complete a task within a certain amount of time, having the resources and information you need when you need them is crucial. But with important data spread across different documents and platforms, how do you stay organized? This session will teach you how to develop a bulletproof system to organize and process the information.

5. Close the Loop! Communicate, Eliminate Bottlenecks, and Continuously Improve Your Workflow Process: Closing the loop means focusing on achieving your goals, meeting deadlines, keeping promises, and being a team player. Doing these things will help ensure that the various components of your admin job work together properly and make your day flow smoothly.

6. Manage Your Capacity! Understand the Essential Factors That Impact Your Ability to Stay Productive During the Day: There’s a lot that can impact your ability to manage your capacity, but you are the key factor. This session will help you focus on the physical and mental factors that impact your ability to consistently remain productive throughout the day.

This series is regularly $197, but you can get the series bundle at a 25% savings today only (through 11:59 p.m. EDT)! Take advantage of this offer and get six informative sessions that will help you get the most out of your day!

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