Why Are You #AdminProud?

Apr 25, 2022 | Administrative Professionals

In celebration of Admin Appreciation Month at All Things Admin, we asked you to tell us why you chose the admin profession, and why you’re #AdminProud.

We loved reading all of your responses, and we want to share some of our favorites with you here!

“I chose to become an executive assistant because I thought my skill set would be a great fit for the position. I enjoy organizing, scheduling events and meetings, as well as being value-added to those that I assist. Being an executive assistant allows me to learn and experience many new things because each day brings different challenges than the day before.” – Lydia Martin, executive assistant to CEO, AOC, LLC.

“I chose the admin career because I knew there would always be a need for admins in every industry and company. I knew that no matter where in the world I might be living, there would always be admin positions available. I am #adminproud because I know I am seen as a leader at my company, and I have earned the trust of all my colleagues.” – Raschelle M., business manager

“I’ve always had a passion for helping and supporting others, and when choosing a career in high school, I knew pursuing the field of business administration was the path for me. I was always intrigued with learning about office functionality and executive support processes. While studying for my bachelor’s degree at Robert Morris University, I maintained a student role working as an administrative assistant for admissions. From there, I developed skills necessary to be hired as a student intern for a non-profit tech organization as their office assistant. Office administration is the core of my career and passion, and I’m always eager to take on new tasks and roles to further strengthen my administrative career and credibility. I’m a highly motivated, service-oriented leader in this high-performing sector. My core values and office-oriented career keep my focus and passion #adminproud.” – Tierra Jackson, executive assistant, University of Chicago

“I’m an introvert at heart, so I love helping people and staying behind the scenes.” – Marisol Guerrero

“I didn’t really choose this as a career. I took a two-year program in secretarial arts because I figured I could always find work until I decided what I wanted to be. It has worked out well. I have never been unemployed, had the opportunity to be involved in a lot of different projects, had some great managers. Four years left to retirement, and I think my decision was a good one.” – Shelia Brown, executive assistant, British Columbia Ferry Services

“I chose the admin career because it’s literally been my dream job since I was a child. I love supporting people, being a cheerleader, and making things happen behind the scenes. I’ve always been a detail-oriented person, and it may seem strange to some, but I believe I was born to be an assistant!” – Megan Coffey, executive assistant to the CEO, Pathways, Inc.

“It chose me. I was out of work for 6 months and a C-Level executive took a chance on me. I have been an EA for 10 years. I’m #adminproud in that I have helped many C-level, as well as the staff.  I’m the ambassador of JourneyCare.” – Linda Colello, executive coordinator, JourneyCare

“I wanted a career where I could support and serve others. I fell into (being an) admin, but it has checked all the boxes for me regarding service, helping others, and doing work that matters. I am #adminproud of the amazing team I work with every day and the high-quality work we put forth.” – Bronda Boley, office manager, GLMV Architect

“I loved the idea of being able to help people – whether it be visitors coming to the office or employees who needed a hand in completing their tasks. I love organizing events and sharing my ideas with others, and I get complete satisfaction knowing that I was able to do my little part in assisting someone to complete the bigger tasks.” – Kathie Hairston, office administrator, Trapeze Software ULC

 “I chose this career because it allows me to humbly serve others. I am able to utilize multiple skills, talents, and expertise to assist others, and help our association provide services to the students, administrators, and schools we are blessed to serve.” – Robin Aylor, director of member services, Georgia Independent School Association

 “I fell into this career as I was working on my MLIS (Masters of Library & Information Science). I found it combined a sense of adventure (every day being different) with serving others and elements of information science. I am #adminproud because I love keeping my execs on track, being part of the team, and continuing to learn.” – Christine Stein, executive assistant, PrimaryOne Health

“To be honest, the career found me! I started working in a school district as a paraprofessional.  As part of our professional development, I had taken basic MS Word and Excel courses. I enjoyed them and signed up for more courses through our local technical college. Eventually, 13 years later, I received my Administrative Assistant Associate Degree. During my time as a student and working in the school, we had an admin assistant that left her position abruptly. The superintendent knew I was taking classes and appreciated the initiative I had taken to improve my skills. He asked if I would be interested in the taking the position. Three days later, I went from crawling on the floor with elementary students in a classroom to sitting behind the desk in the school office. Being in this position, I have a lot of variety in interactions with adults and students. I pride myself as life-long learner, and I am still learning new skills and techniques to help me be more efficient. I feel like the hub of the wheel that connects the spokes to keep the wheel moving.” – Lisa Gentz, building admin assistant/health assistant, Columbus School District

“When I took my first admin position years ago, I thought it was a good way to learn about the organization and to develop general business skills. To my surprise, I loved the work. I like helping people and I like organizing things and keeping things in order. I slightly deviated from admin work for several years to work as a paralegal. But after moving to another region of the country, I decided to go back to the admin profession. I’m proud to be an admin because this type of work is not for everyone. You have to be organized, confident, anticipate needs, have flexibility in your thinking, and be comfortable leading from the background.” – Stacia Okeowo, administrative and personal assistant

“I chose this career because my mother brought me to work occasionally, and I was able to see how admins work, and the variety of things they did.  She taught me to never stop learning and at 68 I’m still learning new things, especially working in an IT department.

I’m retiring this year and both of my daughters tell me they are proud of the work ethics I’ve brought them to make them successful in their careers. I’m proud to have worked for this company for 38 years, and I have been fortunate enough to work in a lot of different departments, which gave me good contacts and showed me how systems work from start to end. My knowledge has made me the go-to person at work – if I don’t know the answer I find out!” – Mary Crunk, senior director assistant, PG&E

Are you #AdminProud? Tell us why here. We love sharing your passion for the profession with assistants worldwide!

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