Webinar: Identify Your Unique Time & Space Style Preferences to Get Organized!

Apr 5, 2016 | Career Development, Organization

Is managing your time and space a huge challenge? Do you have difficulty keeping your workspace in order? Are you constantly rushing to get all your admin responsibilities done each day?

The illusion is that time and space are the source of pain. However, the problem is likely that you never learned how to work with your natural style and habits. This AdminPro Training Series will shed light on how to effectively manage your time and organize your space by introducing you to the Time & Space Style InventoryTM (TSSI).

Topic: Identify Your Unique Time & Space Style Preferences to Get Organized!

Presenters: Cena Block, Productivity Coach and Founder of SaneSpaces.com

Release Date:  April 2016

Just like you have a unique personality type, you also have an organizational style and a time management style that are all your own. The TSSI is a tool that helps you understand and embrace your natural styles, habits, and behaviors with time and space, as well as how to use your strengths and identify the habits that get in your way.

During this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find a state of flow in your life that moves you toward wholeness and harmony.
  • Recognize characteristics and behaviors that support your natural style preferences.
  • Better manage yourself using the six Flow StepsTM.
  • Identify how you arrange space, assign value, and tolerate disorder with the six Space Style PreferencesTM
  • Manage priorities, attend to details, and take action with the six Time Style PreferencesTM.

Take the first step towards getting yourself organized once and for all by learning your time and space style preferences! Register now for this AdminPro Training Series! Register now!


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