Webinar: Taking Care of the Office’s Most Valuable Asset: You!

Jun 16, 2015 | Career Development

Life happens — the good stuff, the bad stuff, and the mundane stuff. And it can all zap your energy and kill your motivation if you aren’t taking care of yourself.

Resilience and focused self-care aren’t just for the trials in life. It’s a necessary life skill to get through good times, too! Because positive experiences, like moving or changing jobs, can also be stressful.

When your tank is on empty, you’re not good to anyone – yourself, your executive, colleagues, friends or family. So how do you keep your tank “full” and take better care of yourself personally and professionally?

Topic: Taking Care of the Office’s Most Valuable Asset: You!

Presenter: Julie Perrine, Founder & CEO of All Things Admin

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why resilience is a required skill for admins – in good times and bad.
  • How to create an achievable plan for your own focused self-care.
  • What to do when your tank hits empty and there’s no refill in sight.
  • How to develop systems to support you at home and at the office.


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