Webinar: Regulating Individual Expression On & Off the Job

Jun 3, 2015 | Career Development

From tattoos to Twitter, from smartphones to at-home marijuana use, your organization is being forced these days to balance employees’ individual expression against your organization’s business interests.

Individuality can lead to a unique workplace, but restrictions on an employee’s expression can lead to discrimination and retaliation lawsuits… lower morale… and unwanted government attention.

As a result, employers are confused about where — and when — they can draw the line. That’s why we’ve developed this new, fast-paced and entertaining webinar, which will help attendees guard against these claims while maintaining sanity in their workplaces.

Topic: Regulate Individual Expression On & Off the Job

Presenter: Jim Paul, a shareholder in the St. Louis office of Ogletree Deakins and HR management consultant.

Date: Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Time: 1 p.m. EDT, 12 p.m. CDT, 10 a.m. PDT
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You’ll learn practical, concrete answers to questions such as:

  • When can you legally monitor employees’ email, blogging and Facebook posts — both at work and at home?
  • When MUST you monitor an employee’s Internet use?
  • Can you refuse to hire people who smoke?
  • What impact do the new laws on medical and recreational marijuana use have on your drug testing policies?
  • Can you tell employees to cover up tattoos or piercings?
  • Can long hair on a man be considered “religious expression”?
  • How should you regulate employees’ use of smartphones during work?
  • Can you prevent employees from talking about their pay or benefits?
  • When do dress and grooming restrictions go too far? (Use our model policy)
  • How can you say ‘Yes’ to Girl Scout cookie sales but ‘No’ to other solicitations — including unions?
  • What type of political speech must you tolerate inside and outside the office?
  • Does a boss’s favoritism toward an employee he’s dating count as sex discrimination? You may be surprised. (See our model fraternization policy)

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