Webinar: Make Minute-Taking a Breeze with BakerWrite Speedwriting

Jul 13, 2015 | Career Development

Do you have to take minutes during meeting, jot down telephone messages, write long lists, or remember on-the-fly comments from your executive? Can you do it quickly?

So many of admins take notes, yet very few have a structure or system for writing them.

There’s a myth that our digital world has made note-taking skills obsolete. But, as most admins know, note taking is still a highly sought-after skill. And learning speedwriting is the perfect way to ensure you never miss anything.

This webinar will teach you a system that will help improve your efficiency, add to your skills and career development, and alleviate the stress of taking notes with longhand techniques.

Topic: Make Minute-Taking a Breeze with BakerWrite Speedwriting

Presenter: Heather Baker,  international PA/admin consultant, trainer, author & creator of the BakerWrite speedwriting.

During this webinar, you’ll also learn:

  • Silent letters and vowels.
  • Phonetics.
  • Common prefixes.
  • Common suffixes.
  • Top tips for taking notes.
  • Advice on creating an effective action plan.


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