Webinar: Get MENTORready for Administrative Professionals

Oct 7, 2014 | Career Development

Who do you look up to professionally? Do you have a mentor? If not, what’s stopping you?

A mentor can be immensely helpful when it comes to advancing your admin career, improving your learning curve and maximizing the value you bring to your company.

Whether you’re looking for a mentor or already have one, this webinar will help you develop better mentoring relationships.

Topic: Get MENTORready for Administrative Professionals

Presenter: Jeremy O’Krafka, founder of MENTORnetwork

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • The two biggest roadblocks in building mentoring relationships.
  • The valuable role mentors play in your career.
  • How to develop a succinct career story.
  • The importance of being coachable.
  • How to create engaging mentor relationships.
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