Webinar: Get Business Savvy: 5 Ways to Develop Your Business Acumen

Jun 10, 2014 | Career Development

Do you understand the connection between what you do each day as an admin and how it impacts your company’s success? Could you give a company tour and explain the core role of each team or department? Do you know how your company makes money and delivers value?

Topic: Get Business Savvy: 5 Ways to Develop Your Business Acumen

Presenter: Julie Perrine, CAP-OM, MBTI Certified

For admins to be recognized, valued, and respected within their organization, they must develop strong business acumen. When you continually cultivate your knowledge of how businesses run at every level, you improve your ability to make good judgments and quick decisions. These abilities help you think more creatively about the challenges you encounter and find innovative solutions for solving them. Every action you take and each decision you make impacts another. So it’s important to understand how it’s all connected.

Join us for this session and learn:

  • Why strong business acumen is crucial for admins.
  • The core elements of strong business acumen.
  • Five ways to develop and strengthen your business acumen.
  • The questions great leaders ask as they evaluate trends.
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