Webinar: Excel Basics: 7 Overlooked Features Every User Needs

Jul 2, 2014 | Career Development, Technology


Do you know how to format cells in Excel? Can you sum a spreadsheet column without manually adding it up?

Whether you’re a daily Excel user or only use it occasionally, there are several useful features every admin should know about the program. Why waste time and energy pouring over Excel spreadsheets if you don’t have to?

Topic: Excel Basics: 7 Overlooked Features Every User Needs
Presented by: Donna Gilliland, award-winning technology instructor, certified technology trainer, President of MOSTraining
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This session will highlight seven of the most overlooked features you need to be more efficient and have greater confidence in your spreadsheet creation and editing skills.

This webinar will explain:

  • How to sort cells beyond one column. (Hint: You can now sort by colors and icons.)
  • How to format spreadsheets for printing.
  • Common data type format issues and how to solve them.
  • AutoFill essentials.
  • How to paste special features you might not know about.
  • AutoSum secrets. (Hint: There’s more there than meets the eye!)
  • How to convert data to a table for a quick format and filter combo.

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