Webinar: Developing Value & Respect for the Administrative Professional

Mar 3, 2015 | Career Development, Leadership

Have you ever felt undervalued as an administrative professional? Are you looking for effective ways to leverage respect from the members of your team? Who champions the admin role in your company? These are key elements to consider when trying to shift the corporate cultures and eliminate stereotypes that exist about the administrative profession.

The path to developing more value and respect for our occupation starts with each of us choosing to accept this challenge. And it continues when we expand our influence, include others, and join forces to make a powerful impact. But where do we begin?

Topic: Developing Value & Respect for the Administrative Professional

Presenter: Peggy Vasquez, International Speaker, Author, Trainer, and Coach

During this webinar, Peggy Vasquez, author of Not Just An Admin, will explain how to:

  • Integrate a mindset of value and respect into your daily thinking,
  • Align your values and mission with your company’s,
  • Identify admin champions within your organization,
  • Develop an effective system of recognition for your administrative team.


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