Webinar: Create Amazing Presentations with PowerPoint Custom Animations – Jan. 15

Jan 12, 2015 | Career Development

Have you ever been bored silly by a PowerPoint presentation? Or have you been subjected to a barrage of PowerPoint animations and transitions that cause every word to flip, twist, or turn?

Don’t put people in either of these situations with your presentations! Instead, let us help you find the right animations to add impact and emphasis to your presentations.

PowerPoint custom animations can control the appearance of elements on a slide and how those elements enter and exit a slide. And it’s a powerful feature when used strategically. There are even ways to create custom animations to really wow people at your next presentation!

Topic: Create Amazing Presentations with PowerPoint Custom Animations

Presenter: Donna Gilliland, award-winning technology instructor, certified technology trainer, president of MOSTraining

Date: Thursday, January 15, 2015

Time: 12 p.m. CST, 1 p.m. EST
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Price: $37


This session will teach you how to:

  • The difference between the PowerPoint animation gallery and a custom animation.
  • Best practices and strategies for using animation.
  • How to add default and custom animations to elements on a slide.
  • How to edit animation effects.
  • How to add timing to animated elements.

Learn how to use PowerPoint animations, make your own custom animations, and turn your next presentation into a must-see! Register now for this AdminTech Crash Course!

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