Webinar: Coordinate Hassle-Free Travel Arrangements Like a Pro

Apr 7, 2015 | Career Development, Technology

Whether you’re brand new to travel planning or you’re a seasoned pro, coordinating travel for your executives can be challenging! From organizing the countless travel details to handling spur of the moment emergencies (like canceled or delayed flights) to ensuring your executive walks out the door with everything he needs for a successful trip – your job is never completely done. But there are a lot of strategies you can proactively implement to make your travel planning responsibilities less stressful, more enjoyable, and downright fun!

Topic: Coordinate Hassle-Free Travel Arrangements Like a Pro

Presenter: Julie Perrine, founder and CEO of All Things Admin

Join us for this webinar and discover:

  • Keys to developing a travel planner’s mindset.
  • Best practices for coordinating travel arrangements.
  • Forms and templates you need to keep travel organized.
  • International travel planning tips.
  • Guidelines for keeping your executive connected and productive while traveling.
  • How to keep your fingers on the pulse of the travel planning industry.
  • Travel and productivity apps for you and your executive.
  • Dozens of travel resources to help you succeed.


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