Affiliate Webinar: 7 Strategies for Creating E-Newsletters That Get Results

May 17, 2016 | Career Development, Technology

Have you been tasked with creating your company’s electronic newsletter? Do you know how to create a newsletter that gets opened and keeps your readers engaged?

Effective newsletters take a little thought and effort, but the results are worth it! This educational webinar will provide you with valuable information on creating successful e-newsletters for your organization that inform and engage participants.

Topic: 7 Strategies for Creating E-Newsletters That Get Results

Presenter: Julie Perrine, founder and CEO of All Things Admin

Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Time: 12 p.m. CST,  1 p.m. EST, 10 a.m. PST

Price: $37 (Single User License)

Join Business Management Daily for 7 Strategies for Creating E-Newsletters That Get Results and you’ll learn all the nuts and bolts, including:

  1. Planning your e-newsletter. Before you invest a lot of time and effort, it’s important to know what you want to accomplish, who you want to reach, how frequently you want to connect and the types of e-newsletters you can send. The first strategy sets you up for success from the start.
  2. The anatomy of an effective e-newsletter. From a catchy subject line to dynamic content, building an informative and interesting newsletter can be a challenging task. The second strategy outlines the elements necessary to create an e-newsletter that people will actually open.
  3. E-newsletter design elements. Whether your newsletter is a simple text email or a more complex format, such as HTML, the design and layout needs to be eye-catching and, more importantly, readable. This section will explain some design options for e-newsletters and tips on making yours mobile friendly.
  4. E-newsletter content creation. A successful e-newsletter includes informative and interesting content that encourages readers to learn more about the company, purchase products/services and engage with the company online and in person. We’ll explain the types of content to consider for an e-newsletter, as well as guidelines on the length and subject matter.
  5. Email aggregators. A newsletter is completely useless if nobody’s going to read it. You’ll discover effective ways to collect viable emails and build a captive readership.
  6. Distribution channels for e-newsletters. There are a variety of avenues for disseminating newsletters to your readers—from sending a plain text email to utilizing online platforms (such as MailChimp or Constant Contact). We will highlight popular and easy-to-use methods for sending out e-newsletters, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each.
  7. The ROI of e-newsletters. Any business or organization can benefit from sending out an e-newsletter, but it has benefits for the creator, too. This section will discuss some of these benefits and why they’re important to organizations and professionals.

7 Strategies for Creating E-Newsletters That Get Results wraps up by sharing some tips on how to make your e-newsletter a must-read as well as some of the common e-newsletter mistakes companies make. Sending out a newsletter on the weekend or, worse yet, a holiday is like asking for it to go straight to the trash. People spend a lot of time and energy working on their e-newsletters only to have them end up in recipients’ trash or spam folders. Find out some common e-newsletter mistakes and how to avoid them.

There’s no sure-fire formula for the perfect e-newsletter. Sometimes getting people to read is a matter of trial and error. This webinar will give participants some insights on how to stay current with the latest marketing trends for e-newsletters and how to gauge the effectiveness and readability of their e-newsletter. Click here to register!


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