My Top 10 Free Travel Apps for Connectivity & Productivity

Feb 28, 2019 | Travel Planning

Whether you or your executive travels for business, both of you should be aware of this list of my top 10 free travel apps that can keep you connected and productive while away from the office. I say “both of you” because as an admin, you can significantly shorten your executive’s learning curve on how to use the apps if you test them in advance. Besides, you know they’re going to ask you when they have questions, so be prepared in advance!

So, here’s my top 10 list for free travel apps:

  1. Tripit AppWith the simple forward of an email, you can turn your flight, hotel, and rental car information into a mobile travel itinerary that organizes everything in one convenient location. It automatically includes maps, directions, and weather details. You can find restaurants, theatre tickets, and activities to include from inside Tripit. All of the trip details are accessible from mobile devices, or can be printed for your traveler to have in hand. (Note: I still highly recommend a printed travel itinerary in addition to Tripit.)
  2. Dropbox App: Dropbox allows you to access all of your files and photos from anywhere thanks to this app. Say goodbye to transporting flash drives or emailing files to yourself. Everything you need is a touch away. The Dropbox app makes accessing files and uploading photos from my trips automatic. Plus, my smartphone automatically syncs all of my photos to Dropbox within seconds of snapping them, so they are instantly backed up and saved. This tool makes updating and sharing files with my team instant and efficient.
  3. Currency App: For international travel, a currency app saves a lot of time calculating when you need to know exactly what something will cost in another currency.
  4. WorldClock App: Setup your favorite locations and always have the time and time zone information at your fingertips. No more guessing, wasting time, or potentially miscalculating the time in your head…especially if you’re under the spell of jet lag.
  5. Kindle, Nook or iBooks Apps:  With weight restrictions on luggage, there’s no reason to haul a bunch of books or magazines with you when you travel. Ebook readers make life a lot easier and your bags a lot lighter. Even if you aren’t a regular ebook fan, for travel they can be very useful.
  6. Social Media Apps: While I have all of the individual apps for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn loaded on my mobile devices, I actually prefer one app which accesses all three, such as HootSuite or TweetDeck. Once it’s setup, you simply visit one app for monitoring and accessing all of your social media sites very efficiently.
  7. Evernote AppYou never know which device you’re going to be on when you discover the next cool idea or concept you want to capture and share. Download the apps on each device you use, clip and save as you browse, and you’ll be able to do an instant recall when you need the information again later.
  8. Travel Review Site Apps: Whether you’re headed to an old familiar place or a new destination, taking a few minutes to review the location, travel recommendations, and other details before you leave can make a world of difference. Thanks to apps like TripAdvisor and city specific apps by Fodor’s, you can read reviews, share reviews, and avoid potential issues before you ever leave.
  9. City/Destination Specific Apps: Before a recent trip to Paris, I did a search in the app store on my iPad for “Paris + Travel.” I discovered dozens of free apps for speaking basic French (audio files included), sightseeing insights, how to do it on a small budget, hotel information, metro maps, and so much more. Search for the specific city, state, region, or country you are traveling to and see what destination specific apps you find.
  10. Airline Apps: One of the quickest ways to connect with your airline or to find out if your flights are on time is through your airline’s travel app. I recommend you download the apps for every major airline you typically travel with so you always have them ready and accessible in a pinch.

If you have your own list of your top 10 free travel apps, share them with us at, or on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

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