All Things Admin: Webinar Prep Checklist Procedure Sample

Nov 2, 2020 | Procedures

Become a Procedures Pro!

We’re celebrating the 3-year anniversary of Become a Procedures Pro® by sharing sample procedures with you. Administrative procedures tools and training have been one of our most popular product lines, so this week we are giving you a peek into the All Things Admin team’s Administrative Procedures Binder archive.

Today’s featured procedure: Webinar Prep Checklist


What it’s for: This is the checklist we use to make sure we’re ready — with plenty of time for technical issues — when we deliver a webinar.

A few insights that may help you with your procedures development:

  • This simple checklist doesn’t need a lot of detail. It’s designed to be more of a reminder for those busy, stressful days when you may not be thinking clearly. We’ve all had days like that!
  • In addition to keeping a copy in our procedures binder, we keep this in a sheet protector next to the phones and computers we use to deliver the webinars, so it’s available for quick reference.

Do you have any regular recurring conference calls, tele-presence meetings, or webinars that you coordinate or setup for your teams? Do you have a documented procedure someone could follow to accomplish the task if you weren’t available? If so, awesome! If not, use this as a model to get your procedure created today! And be sure to leave a copy in the conference room so others can quickly access it, too.

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