All Things Admin: Product Assembly Procedure Sample

Oct 27, 2020 | Career Development, Procedures

We’re celebrating the 3-year anniversary of Become a Procedures Pro® by sharing sample procedures with you. Administrative procedures tools and training have been one of our most popular product lines, so this week we are giving you a peek into the All Things Admin team’s Administrative Procedures Binder archive.

Today’s featured procedure: Administrative Procedures Toolkit Binder Product Assembly


What it’s for: This checklist and procedure was used to help our fulfillment team prepare, print, and assemble our Administrative Procedures Toolkit binders when we used to physically ship them to our customers.

A few insights that may help you with your procedures development:

  • This procedure was created in Excel due to the large amount of data that’s associated with each file, and the specific instructions required to get each file printed on the correct type and color of paper. Excel allowed us to keep the procedure limited to one page.
  • Depending on how the user processes information, he/she could review the information from a lot of different angles in this format and still get the final product assembled correctly.
  • We had two separate binders that required specific assembly like this. So we included a photo of the binder product at the bottom so it was clear which procedure this was for.

Do you coordinate the assembly of board meeting packages or offsite meeting materials? Do you have a print or fulfillment center that prints materials for your conferences or events? This sample may inspire some ideas on how to share your requests for the final product or printed materials.

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