All Things Admin: Online Training Setup Procedure Sample

Oct 28, 2020 | Career Development, Procedures

Become a Procedures Pro!

We’re celebrating the 3-year anniversary of Become a Procedures Pro® by sharing sample procedures with you. Administrative procedures tools and training have been one of our most popular product lines, so this week we are giving you a peek into the All Things Admin team’s Administrative Procedures Binder archive.

Today’s featured procedure:  AdminPro Training® Monthly Webinar Setup


What it’s for:  This is the procedure our team previously used to setup all of the details in three online systems for the AdminPro Training webinars we offer.

A few insights that may help you with your procedures development:

  • This procedure is formatted in a Word table, laid out in landscape format.
  • We have three separate online tools we use to setup these monthly training programs, so there are a lot of details to capture. We use bullets and indenting to make it easier to navigate.
  • Since this is a much longer procedure with a lot of important details, we highlight in yellow key information that is important to not overlook.
  • We insert screenshots for the sections that may be more difficult to understand with words alone.
  • Please note: This procedure is only related to setting up the monthly training programs. We have another procedure for what happens in the process of coordinating with our speakers, and a separate procedure for what occurs the day after a webinar. They all go together, but keeping them in one procedure would be more than 15 pages. So we have split them into logical breaks – speaker coordination, setup, and follow-up. These three separate procedures are kept together in their own AdminPro Training section of our administrative procedure binder.

Do you have any complex, multi-part procedures that you need to capture? Do they have logical section breaks – before/during/after or setup/follow-up or week 1/week 2/week 3/week 4, etc.? Use this as a model to follow as you get your procedure created today!

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