All Things Admin: E-Newsletter Assembly and Proofing Checklist Procedure Sample

Nov 3, 2020 | Procedures

Become a Procedures Pro!

We’re celebrating the 3-year anniversary of Become a Procedures Pro® by sharing sample procedures with you. Administrative procedures tools and training have been one of our most popular product lines, so this week we are giving you a peek into the All Things Admin team’s Administrative Procedures Binder archive.

Today’s featured procedure:  E-Newsletter Assembly and Proofing Checklist


What it’s for: This is the procedure we previously used to assemble and proof our weekly e-newsletter.

A few insights that may help you with your procedures development:

  • This procedure is formatted as a checklist so it can be printed, and items can be checked off as each component of the newsletter assembly process is completed.
  • The team member who assembles the content each week uses this Word file to insert the various sections directly into this Word checklist. The checklist format helps her know if she has everything she needs, and makes it easier for all of us to edit it before it’s converted into HTML code and sent out by email.
  • If someone is out of the office, another team member can easily step in and finish the process because this format helps everyone know what’s completed and what still needs to be done.

Do you handle any newsletters or publications? Do you have a documented procedure someone could follow to accomplish the task if you weren’t available? If so, awesome! If not, use this as a model to follow and make your newsletter or publication production process even smoother!

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