Note From Julie: The Benefits of Saying No

Jun 30, 2017 | Communication

say noThe older I get, the easier it has become to say no. It’s a combination of age, experience, and understanding how I feel when I say yes and then regret it — or worse, can’t deliver on what I said I would do. I’m sure you can relate to these feelings.

When it comes to communicating effectively, one of the biggest challenges a lot of admins have is saying no. It’s in our nature to want to help anyone and everyone. Sometimes we feel like we have to say yes because of who is asking; other times we get caught off guard and end up saying yes before we had the chance to reason through the decision. But saying yes when we should say no often leads to decreased productivity and unhealthy amounts of stress.

Saying no gets a bad rap, but learning how and when to practice this communication skill is vital to protecting your ability to do your job effectively and efficiently. This week, we’re explaining how to (politely) say no in our feature article. We’re also sharing some excellent tips and resources on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

For me, I usually know when saying no is the right decision. There’s a feeling of calm and relief that sweeps over me after the initial spike of emotion passes. It has taken some bad experiences and lots of practice to gain a deeper sense of knowing when no is the right answer. And most of the time, the person asking has been appreciative of my ability to know and voice my own limitations. Learning how to say no politely and respectfully will help you become a better assistant.

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