10 Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Admin Team

Apr 15, 2020 | Communication

thank admin teamAdministrative Professionals Week (April 18-24) is an excellent time to show your admin team how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication, especially during the current global health crisis. Under normal circumstances, we’d encourage you to invest in skills-building training opportunities to thank your admins – and that’s still a fantastic idea!

However, this year with many admins continuing to work from home under stressful conditions, here are several thoughtful ideas that can brighten their day and show them how much you appreciate them:

  • Work-from-home accessories/office supplies. Assemble a package of bright and cheerful office supplies that can help them do their jobs more effectively at home. It may include file folders, spiral notebooks, pens, and sticky notes. Shop online and ship directly to their home office!
  • Handwritten letter or e-card. Taking the time to write a heartfelt thank-you note on stationery (and mailing it!) is a fantastic way to personalize your appreciation to each of your admin team members. Sending an animated electronic card is another fun option. There are several websites that allow you to email cards, such as Kisseo eCards and Blue Mountain Cards.
  • Online skills training. There are dozens of virtual training options for administrative professionals to strengthen their skills. For example, members of our AdminPro Training Series® get access to our library of more than 60 webinar training sessions on topics ranging from becoming more innovative to career development and Microsoft Office skills. You can also find several featured trainers we recommend on our Admin Appreciation Month page.
  • Books. Consider sending them a career development book or a fiction book for their leisure. If you’re not sure which book they would enjoy, send an Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card, and let them select a book of their choice.
  • Company promotional products with your logo. Send your admin team a fun company-branded coffee mug, shirt, or even a blanket. You can order blankets with your organization’s logo on them from Lands’ End Business. Something comforting may be just what your admins need to brighten their days during this stressful time.
  • Recognize your admins during a team call. Simply saying thank you in front of the team and recognizing them for their dedication and hard work can go a long way toward making them feel valued.
  • Care packages. Put together a package that includes some essentials like cooking ingredients, cooking utensils, or paper products. There are also several online companies that sell and deliver care packages, such as BOXFOX and Etsy.
  • Fresh flowers. Under the current pandemic circumstances, receiving a pretty bouquet of flowers can brighten anyone’s day. There are several companies, like 1-800-Flowers and ProFlowers, that will deliver right to your admins’ doors.
  • Meal delivery. There are a lot of options for food delivery, and one less meal to prepare these days may be especially appreciated. Consider a limited-time subscription to a service like HelloFresh or Blue Apron. Or deliver a Spoonful of Comfort – complete with a delicious jar of soup, a serving ladle, rolls, cookies, and a personalized note in colorful packaging.
  • Lunch delivery. Let your admin team know lunch is on you on Administrative Professionals Day (April 22), and have them order a meal of their choice delivered right to their door with a service like Uber Eats or Door Dash.

Taking your administrative professionals out to lunch this year likely isn’t an option. So thanking your admin team will require creativity and resourcefulness. There are numerous ways, however, that you can celebrate them and thank them for their hard work and dedication. They’re certainly worth it!


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