Tackle Your Administrative Procedures With This All New Course From All Things Admin

Mar 13, 2017 | Career Development, Procedures

What happens when you’re out of the office for vacation, training, or recovering from being sick? Can someone fill in for you without major disruption to the office? Are you ready to get serious about launching your procedures manual project?

If you’re ready to tackle your administrative procedures manual project, we have an all new course to help you with the process!

Join us for Kickstart Creating Your Administrative Procedures Binder, a new four-part procedures training series and discover everything you need to know to create and complete your administrative procedures!

This series kicks off with class 1 – our free webinar, Officially Launch Your Administrative Procedures Manual. This session explains why you and your company need procedures, how to start creating your binder, and tracking your tasks. It also includes two free templates to help you get started! Click here to access this complimentary session now!

Then register to join us throughout the month of March for parts two, three, and four of the series, including:

Class 2, March 14 – Learn How to Create Good Procedures, Avoid Overwhelm, and Fast Track The Procedures Process: This session will explain the elements of a properly documented procedure, as well as tips for making the creation process quicker and easier.

Class 3, March 21 Use Checklists, Forms, Templates, and Procedures to Create Systems: Get the scoop on how checklists, forms, templates, and procedures can help you better plan meetings and events, travel, projects, and much more!

Class 4, March 28 – Organize Your Print and Digital Procedures for Ongoing Use: During this session, you’ll learn how to setup a shared online folder system or use a digital notebook program, like OneNote, to manage your procedures updates and access once they are created.

Please join us for this all-new course, and finally tackle your administrative procedures!

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