Success Stories

Julie, thanks for all that you do for the admin profession. The resources you make available to us are innovative and comprehensive. Your website offers helpful tools and relevant training. You generously provide us with interesting reading materials, convenient learning tools, and free templates throughout the year. I encourage all admins to take advantage of your professional development offerings to sharpen their skills and to advance their careers. Your continued support is very much appreciated.

Ellen C.

Executive Assistant, Seattle

What a nice surprise this morning! Thank you so much for being there for all of us. You make my job easier and much more simple to understand. Please don’t ever stop teaching, guiding, and supporting all of your audience. You make our office atmosphere awesome with the knowledge you’ve taught me!


Government Program Medicare Sales

I just want to thank you and your team for sharing generously with your audience on All Things Admin, especially during Administrative Professionals Week! I get very little recognition in my place of work, especially from my boss, and it helped tremendously to get it from you all on a daily basis!

Leigh Ann S.

Executive Assistant

I love your website, products, and information!

Jennifer F.

Hopkins, Minnesota

I love your site design. It is upbeat, fun, and engaging. It makes me want to search for more great information.

Theresa J.

Pembroke, Ontario

Your newsletter describing your iPad purchasing experience, and the handy cheat-sheet, couldn’t have arrived at a better time! I’m a BlackBerry user (phone and playbook) and recently bought an iPad for my elderly mother. She is losing her eyesight, and I had been shopping for a new Kobo for her since the font on her old one couldn’t be enlarged enough. The salesperson at Chapters (a bookstore in Canada) convinced me that an iPad would better suit her needs since it has voice recognition, we can download audio books, etc. I bought it with no idea on how to use one, and with none of the wonderful support you received at Apple! It sat on my desk for two weeks before I was brave enough to open the box; while I consider myself quite tech savvy I was scared! But, in preparation for giving it to her on her birthday, I’ve been able to do a basic set up and have downloaded all of her Kobo books. So hopefully she will be able to start reading again. And I will be enlarging and printing your cheat sheet to accompany her gift!

Colleen R.

Executive Assistant

I cannot express to you how pleased I am to have found All Things Admin. I was feeling really stuck and uninspired, but all of the knowledge and resources that you share have completely changed my attitude. I can say that I am excited about my career again. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Hollie D.

Office Manager/Paralegal, Waterloo, Iowa

I attended the 2014 APC conference at the National Harbor last week and took your Business Acumen: The Vital Link to Becoming a Value-Added Assistant (session).Thank you so much for offering this session! I enjoyed the topic and came away with some great ideas and tips. I plan on looking into several areas discussed, such as the books you recommended and Evernote. I’ve already started the cycle you spoke of…Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!

Trish C.

Administrative Assistant

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