Streamlining Your Procedures: A Case Study on Efficiency and Quality Control

Feb 13, 2024 | Administrative Professionals, Procedures, Productivity

Creating a procedure for something doesn’t mean that it’s set in stone. Often, once you begin using the procedure regularly, you’ll find ways to make it even more efficient.

I’ll share a recent, real-world example of this.

At All Things Admin, we use a learning management system called LearnDash to create our Training on Demand courses.

Setting up the courses is a lengthy, multi-step process. (The procedure for it is 12 pages long!)

One of the first steps in the procedure is creating Canva images for the course to use in our ads, emails, website, and social media pages. The procedure as written is:

1. Create Canva images.

a. Create two new course badge images in Canva. Save two new course badge images to Dropbox Advertising – Approved Evergreen Ads folder using naming convention.
b. Create website ad.
c. Create ezine ads – two sizes.
d. Create email banner.
e. Create website banner.
f. Create social media graphics – LinkedIn and Facebook.
g. Facebook Event Banner
h. LinkedIn Event Banner
i. ATA Events Page Post Banner

The order of graphics was probably the order they were thought of the first time the procedure was created. But as I was adding our most recent course to LearnDash, I realized that by reorganizing the order in which we create the graphics, we could significantly reduce the time spent creating and resizing them.

I evaluated the optimal graphics development order based on the image pixel sizes and wrote all the steps down on paper in a handwritten flowchart, drawing lines between the different graphics that we need. By seeing it mapped out visually, I was able to recognize additional efficiencies that we are implementing immediately.

The new order looks like this:

1. Create Canva images.

a. Create two email banners (600×200 px).
— One banner with date and register now button.
— One banner with just training session title.
b. Resize the Email banner to create the Facebook page banner (851×315 px).
c. Resize the FB Page Banner to create ezine ad and website sales page banner.
— Ezine ad (600×100)
— Website Sales Page Banner (1200×200)
d. Resize the email banner for these three images:
— Facebook event banner (1920×1005)
— LinkedIn event banner (1600×900)
— PowerPoint presentation cover slide (1920×1080)
e. Resize the PowerPoint cover slide for the Facebook post (940×788).
f. Resize the Facebook post for the LinkedIn post (1200×1200).
g. Resize the LinkedIn post for the website ads and product badges (250×250).
— Website Ad
— Product Badge With Button
— Product Badge – No Button

I estimate that this change will save the person creating graphics 20-30 minutes just on this single step of the 12-page procedure. I’m excited to implement it because this is such a labor intensive step that normally bogs down the entire launch process. Now that the procedure is more clearly defined and efficient, I’ve streamlined the process and solved a major pain point for anyone on my team who uses it!

This example highlights the importance of continuous process improvement. Had I not taken the time to create a visual flowchart and look at things differently, we’d still be wasting time resizing graphics. Now, I’m inspired to find other places in this procedure where we can save time and be more efficient.

If we can save just 10 minutes per step in this multi-step procedure, we can save 90-120 minutes each time we setup a new course, which is amazing!

It’s not necessary to overhaul your entire procedure each time you use it. Just keep an eye out for anything that feels clunky or inefficient. Then, put your critical, strategic, and innovative thinking skills to use and look for better options. These little improvements will add up to big time savings!

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