Stepping Into Leadership

Jul 25, 2014 | Leadership

Being an administrative assistant is a challenging and rewarding position. It’s also one of leadership. While most will probably agree with me on the first two adjectives, not as many believe the third.

This is unfortunate.

Admins are crucial to the success of their executives, as well as their teams and colleagues. You keep the office organized and running smoothly. You coordinate schedules, plan events, and know what to do if and when something — anything — goes awry. You are extremely valuable. You are a leader.

You might not see yourself as a leader yet, but you can be and should be learning how to step into leadership. If you want to aspire to better job titles and positions, then you have to get your head wrapped around the concept of leadership as it relates to your admin role.

There are a lot of ways to develop and improve your leadership skills and become more comfortable with leading. Finding a mentor — someone who can act as a trusted and honest advisor — is a good start. You can also work with your executive to expand your role and figure out what you want to do next.

Another way to gain confidence with leadership is by becoming a better communicator. This week’s feature article on public speaking highlights why it’s important to be articulate in front of a large group, as well as smaller clusters of people and in one on one situations. It also includes tips on how you can get comfortable with and brush up your public speaking skills.

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Julie Perrine

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