Personal Note from Julie: Spotlight Your Career 5 Day Challenge Update

Apr 11, 2014 | Career Development, Professional Portfolio

What a phenomenal week this has been! We had the biggest turnout yet for our free webinar on April 1. As a result, hundreds of admins have been participating in our Spotlight Your Career 5 Day Challenge with us this week. It has been an excellent combination of motivation, determination, progress, and fun packed into five short days. The best part is our participants now have their professional portfolios created or updated.

Here are some of the comments, tips, and ideas our participants shared that inspired us, too:

  • I had one of my coworkers go through my top items and each time he’d ask what something was I knew it needed an explanation. I know others will need an explanation as well, but starting with the ones that he couldn’t figure out is a good start. – Mel
  • Brainstormed a list of keywords that are relevant to my career, experience, skills and expertise and will make sure those words are captured in my new resume/bio/LinkedIn profile, etc. – Anne
  • I loved the idea of taking photos of events you put together. A photo will capture the small touches you put into a project that no one would think to share but you can sure see it with a photo. What a great idea! – Jennifer
  • I updated my resume and references with my latest accomplishments. I have folders set up on my computer just like in the binder and an external hard drive that I carry with me. When I place anything into the binder, I copy them into the corresponding folder on my computer and update my external hard drive That way if there is a disaster, I will always have a backup. – Rhonda

If you missed the Spotlight Your Career 5 Day Challenge this week or didn’t have time to join us, we’ve decided to keep the online forum open and the videos and materials posted to our members only page for the rest of the month as our gift to you. But you have to register here to gain access to them.  Be sure to check out this week’s feature article, which was inspired by some of the questions we received from our 5 Day Challenge participants.

Next week, we have a fun “contest” we’ll be launching as we help offices everywhere prepare for Administrative Professionals Week, so watch our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages for all of the details.

Supporting your administrative success,

Julie Perrine


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