Personal Note From Julie: What Do Your Communication Skills Say About You?

Oct 31, 2014 | Communication

meeting-communicationThe expectations of the admin in the 21st century office have expanded far beyond sitting behind a desk and taking dictation. Today’s admins are representatives of not only themselves, but also their executives, companies, and our profession. The ability to communicate effectively is a big component of this representation.

Whether it’s in person or online, it’s important to properly represent yourself by communicating in a professional and courteous manner. What often surprises me is the lack of communication skills I experience in daily interactions.

Communication isn’t just something that happens face to face or over the phone. It also occurs digitally via email, social media, blogs, and even your professional portfolio. It’s the body language, tone, and words you use. All of these things together make up the total package of how you interact with people and how they perceive you and your communication skills.

I encourage you to take a close look at how you interact with others and ask yourself where you can improve. Read your emails from the receiver’s perspective. Review your social media posts from an acquaintance’s viewpoint. Try to listen to yourself from the perspective of the person you’re talking to. Then identify one or two items that you can immediately begin working on. Enlist the support of a mentor or accountability partner if you need one. Focus on making small improvements each day and create new habits to become a better communicator both verbally and in writing.

While being a good communicator is important, it’s just one of the many skills the 21st century admin needs to stay relevant. This week’s feature article highlights several others that you need to know to stay innovative in your admin career. Also, make sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages for tips and resources on developing your people skills in person and online. Your administrative brand depends on it!

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