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Aug 11, 2017 | Organization

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know how passionate I am about organization. Organization is important for anyone, but for administrative professionals, it can make or break your entire career.

On the surface, spending a few minutes searching for a missing folder here or a half hour recreating a lost document there doesn’t seem like such a huge deal. But if you find yourself in that position frequently, the time and money adds up fast.

The answer? Putting the principles of organization to work for you! And I’m going to show you some fantastic resources from Avery that can help you along the way.

The Four Basic Steps to Organizing Anything.

The Principles of Organization

Many people look at organization as an impossible task, but there are really only four steps to organizing anything.

  • Step One: Gather similar items.
  • Step Two: Contain the items.
  • Step Three: Label the items.
  • Step Four: Create a home for the items.

It really is that simple, whether you’re trying to organize a single messy drawer or an entire office.

My Go-To Resources

When it comes to organization, the two things I absolutely can’t live without are three-ring binders and tab dividers. These allow you to organize practically anything in your career, including your administrative procedures, professional portfolio, client files, event and meeting planning initiatives, travel planning, and much more.

Avery has a full line of customizable dividers that that make it quick and easy for you to set up your binders.

The preprinted Customizable Table of Contents tabs come labeled from A-Z, numbered, or with the months of the year, and are available in multicolor or black and white, depending on the look you are going for. Then, all you need to do is print up the Table of Contents page that’s included with the pack, and you’re set.


Customize your section titles with ease, in portrait or landscape orientation.

Customize your section titles with ease, in portrait or landscape orientation.


Another time saving tool I love is the Avery Print & Apply Clear Label Dividers (Index Maker®). The Index Maker® Easy Apply™ Label Strips let you print out your tab labels and affix them all at once, simply by lining up the label strip against the edge of the divider tabs and running a finger across them.

Finding a divider tab large enough to hold all of the information you’d like to print can be a challenge. With the Avery Printable Large White Label Dividers you can print your tab label and customize it with descriptions, logos, designs or color. The large labels give you more room to add section contents because they extend from the tabs onto the divider body.

Fast tab labeling, no inserts needed.

If your binder is subject to constant change and updates, you can’t beat the durable Clear Easy View plastic dividers, which make it easy to change your tab titles – no inserts or labels required! Watch Avery’s video here to see this product in action!

Create or update section titles without tab inserts or labels.

When I worked corporately, I used to spend hours prepping divider tabs for binders when I was planning a board meeting. These products from Avery would have been a lifesaver back then! I highly encourage you to check them out on Avery’s website and see how they can help you get (and stay) organized!

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