Note From Julie: Don’t Let Your Reputation Be Compromised By a Data Breach

Oct 5, 2018 | Procedures

Few things make me as nervous as cybersecurity threats. In this digital age, we really don’t get to choose whether or not we want to be online. Even if you chose to live in seclusion, with no devices and no Internet access, your medical records are online. Your bank records are online. The government has your driver’s license and identification records online. And it’s all one security breach away from landing in the hands of the bad guys.

After the massive Equifax data breach last year, I took additional precautions to protect and monitor my personal information as much as possible. As assistants, this is something we need to pay close attention to for our executives and company, too. All it takes is one phishing call or email to put your entire organization at risk. This is why cybersecurity awareness should be a priority for you – and everyone in your office.

This week, and throughout the month, we’re sharing some tips and advice on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages that will help you be more cybersecurity savvy, and defend your organization from cyber threats. To kick things off, this week’s feature article discusses five important tips all admins can use to keep themselves, their executive, and their company safe!

Supporting your administrative success,

Julie Perrine

P.S. It only takes one mistake – clicking on a malicious link or visiting the wrong site – to compromise an entire organization. Believing that cybersecurity is solely the responsibility of your IT department is a dangerous and costly misconception. Register for this important All Things Admin Training on Demand session and learn how to be smarter about cybersecurity!

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