Note From Julie: Make the Shift from Reactive to Proactive!

May 26, 2017 | Career Development

Innovation is a term we typically apply to technology. But it’s also a term we should be applying to ourselves if we are actively pursuing the implementation of new ideas and strategies for how we approach our career, do our work, and support our teams.

This month’s Training Series is on the topic of becoming a champion of change.

It’s interesting to me that when the word change is brought into a conversation, the initial reaction of many is a negative or resistant one. Yet using the word innovation to describe a change typically feels positive and exciting. Have you ever noticed that?

So what happens if we shift our mindset and start looking at change as an opportunity to make things better and to improve or refresh something?

What would happen if we were the ones initiating the changes – the one introducing, creating, or applying new methods of doing things in our work environments?

I can answer that for you. You would make the shift from reactive to proactive and become known as the innovative admin that your executive needs you to be.

This week’s feature article shares more insights into how you can unleash the power of innovation in your career and become more innovative in how you think and work.

It’s crucial if you want to remain a relevant and contributing member of your team. We’re also sharing tips and ideas on this topic our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

We all have the capacity to become more innovative. We all have great ideas that are waiting for us to take action on them.

The more you navigate the innovation cycle, the more comfortable it becomes. And when you make the shift from reactive to proactive in your work and career, you’ll be better prepared for navigating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead!

Supporting your administrative success,


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