Personal Note from Julie: Tools & Advice for Complex Travel Planning

May 29, 2015 | Travel Planning

TravelItineraryTemplate-300x268Simplifying the travel arrangements process for your executive and team can sometimes be a challenge. I know this from a lot of first-hand experience.

Early in my career, one of my main motivations for creating a lot of the travel forms, templates, and checklists that I use today was because I forgot (or was afraid I would forget) an important detail in the planning process. In these instances, I was forced to resolve issues on the fly as my executive was checking into a hotel, trying to board a plane, or renting a car. It was stressful for me and my executive, so I sought out ways to prevent mistakes or oversights from happening again.

A lot of the travel advice I’ve been sharing with you this month actually came from learning the hard way, or needing a better approach for keeping track of all the details. Our free travel itinerary template and travel planning templates (which are currently on sale until May 31) are just two examples of solutions I developed to keep myself organized.

Travel planning mistakes are going to happen – it just goes with the territory. But some of the best advice I can offer admins is to look at ways to incorporate checklists and templates. Putting these tools to use can help prevent you from scrambling when something goes awry. And they’re especially useful when planning complex travel itineraries, which is a topic we’re highlighting this week in our feature article and on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. I encourage you to check out these resources and also share your advice for tackling complex itineraries on our social media pages. Happy travel planning!

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