Personal Note from Julie: Social Media Saves the Day!

May 15, 2015 | Procedures

Socialmediatext300The unpacking continues this week, and my husband and I have made a lot of progress setting up our new home in Indianapolis! But we’re still a long way from being done.

As we settle in, there are so many things I’m trying to learn and figure out about my new city. I’m doing daily searches to figure out how to find a lot of places, like the post office or grocery store, or where to purchase things for my new home. And this became a bit of an issue last week because I desperately needed a new vacuum.

Most of our new home is carpeted so getting a new vacuum was a big priority. Yet I had no clue what brand or model to buy. So I did what I often do when I need advice: I turned to social media.

I asked my friends and family on Facebook to tell me their favorite brand and model of vacuum. Within a day, I had a number of recommendations, and a clear-cut winner: Oreck. So I found the Oreck store in my new neighborhood, tested one out, and ended up purchasing it. The whole process was a lot easier and less stressful because I used my social media network to shorten the time required to do the shopping and research, and I got valuable feedback from people I trust.

Some people think social media is a waste of time, which can be true. However, it can also be an information goldmine if you use it properly. That’s why this week, we’re sharing tips and resources on our on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages on how to use social media for travel planning. It’s an extremely valuable resource if you’re looking for recommendations for trips, want to shorten your travel planning learning curve, or just need some advice. I also recommend taking a look at this week’s feature article to learn more about how social media can help you out if you or your executive navigate a travel crisis. It’s definitely saved the day for me on several occasions!

Supporting your administrative success,

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