Personal Note From Julie: Clues to Successfully Supporting Multiple Executives

Feb 20, 2015 | Career Development

For many admins, supporting one executive is enough to keep them constantly busy. But what happens when you throw another executive or more into the mix?

In every admin position I’ve held, I supported multiple execs. For me, it was almost always a positive experience because I enjoy the variety of working with different personalities. Thankfully, I’ve mostly supported reasonable people. But I have been in situations where one executive’s personality wasn’t a favorable one.

Throughout my experiences, I’ve found that the more I can learn about my executives’ personality types, strengths, and other eccentricities, the easier it is to help them be successful. If you know a little about their personal interests, it gives you perspective into their life, their priorities, and why they act the way they do many times. These are vital clues to developing a strong partnership and finding ways to work successfully together. This is true even when you find yourself working for someone who is more different from you than alike.

In this week’s feature article, we’re sharing some pointers for learning to work successfully with multiple executives and their differing needs. You can find additional insights and resources on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. And be sure to tune in to Tuesday evening’s AdminPro Training Series where we’ll take a deep dive into developing a strong and rewarding partnership with your executive. It’s going to be a great session!

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