Personal Note From Julie: Mapping Out Your Admin Career Plan

Nov 7, 2014 | Career Development

Mapping Out Your Admin Career PlanEarlier this week, I was honored to be the keynote speaker at Prudential Financial’s administrative assistants conference in Newark, New Jersey. The event allowed me to meet several of our newsletter readers, including Deborah (top picture) and Linda (bottom picture) who were part of the organizing committee that made this event happen. The theme of the event was ‘Building A Better Tomorrow Starting Today.’ This was a fitting way to start the month as their theme ties in nicely with our theme for November: the power of a career path!

A career path is essential for all admins. You need to strive to increase your role within your organization, and develop your position in order to gain more experience and responsibility. Yet forging your career path can be difficult without some direction. This month, we’re helping you figure out the road to admin success. And we’re kicking things off this week by talking about the importance of plotting out your career plan.

November is a good time to think about these important topics — before the end of the year and your annual performance review sneaks up on you. It also gives you time to make progress toward goals that may have fallen by the wayside this year. But more than anything, it gives you a new perspective and focus for the upcoming year. It gets you thinking about the possibilities of the new year, and what you can do right now to prepare yourself.

One of the biggest reasons I think people fall short in achieving their goals is because they lack an implementation plan. In this week’s feature article, I share several tips and ideas for how to break your goals down into smaller actionable steps that you can track and measure to keep yourself on track. Also be sure to jump over to our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages for some excellent resources and information on the importance of plotting your career plan.

We each have seven full weeks to make progress on this year’s career goals, or set a couple more if you’ve achieved everything on your list! I encourage you to join me in focusing on what you’ve accomplished this year and identifying what you want to add to your list before December 31. Then let’s hold each other accountable for making it happen!

Supporting your administrative success,


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