Personal Note from Julie: Lists: A Travel Planning and Moving Must!

May 8, 2015 | Travel Planning

movingWe made it to Indianapolis! And now we get to start the “fun” part of unpacking and organizing our new home.

Moving has been quite the adventure, but the process was a little less stressful than I originally imagined. Part of this is because we (fortunately!) had movers to help us relocate all of our stuff. But it was also because I was prepared for being in transit for a few weeks.

Before we started packing boxes, I pulled out a lot of my travel planning checklists, so I knew what I needed to keep working and the personal items I needed while in transition. I’ve done a lot of traveling over the years, and I’ve developed these lists to keep me — and the executives I support — as organized and stress-free as possible.

If you’re responsible for planning travel for your executive then I strongly encourage you to do some traveling yourself. This will give you a greater appreciation for the things your executive needs or will find helpful when he or she is traveling. Also, ask your executive for comments about their travel experiences so you can get a better idea of what he or she needs “on the road.” Then make lists of things that you or your executive need to remember when traveling or planning a trip. Having this information compiled and ready to go can make all the difference between a stressful trip and a peaceful, successful one.

This month, we’re going to be focusing on various aspects of travel planning. And we’ll be giving you lots of advice, tips, and resources on boosting your skills in this area. Make sure to follow or like our pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get all this valuable information. Also, check out this week’s feature article for my top 10 travel resources for your admin toolbox!

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