Personal Note from Julie: Vacations Make You More Productive

Nov 18, 2016 | Productivity

I successfully unplugged from work

I did it again this year. I successfully unplugged from work for eight full days. Yes… eight full days of no work… no email, no meetings, no phone calls, and no texts (for work anyway). My team had an email that they knew I’d check at least once daily in case they really needed me. But I didn’t get a single email from them while I was gone. I set up my out-of-office notifications. I empowered my team to do what needed to be done in my absence. And then I unplugged, decompressed, and enjoyed a noise-free week with my husband. It was delightful in every way!

I knew I’d been successful in refreshing my outlook on life when I got on the plane to fly home and found myself excited and invigorated about setting goals and mapping out details for 2017. I also knew I successfully empowered my team when I opened my email and discovered that they launched a flash sale during my absence. That was a fun surprise for you and me both!

I hear a lot of debate about whether you should or shouldn’t unplug fully when you take time off in this Information Age we live and work in. I know from research and my own personal experience that there is tremendous value in truly taking a vacation — no emails, phone calls, or texts — just legitimate time off. Too many people are working through their vacations or days off, and studies show that those who do this are actually less productive than those who can leave their work in the office.

This week, we’re explaining why it’s important to take time off, and how you can prepare your executive and team for when you’re out of the office. Be sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages to learn more about why vacations are so crucial! This week’s feature article also addresses the subject, outlining five steps for successfully unplugging for vacation!

Give it a try with your next scheduled time off. I think you’ll find the benefits are certainly worth it!

Supporting your administrative success,


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