Personal Note from Julie: Our Theme for May is Working Virtually

May 6, 2016 | Procedures

new book, The Organized AdminAfter more than a year of hard work, I’m very excited to announce that my new book, The Organized Admin, is now available for purchase on Amazon! (And the Kindle version will soon follow.)

The inspiration for this book came from you and assistants just like you who have been sharing your top two challenges with us over the past seven years. Getting organized was at the top of your lists! And the book includes lots of advice, information, and helpful resources on developing simple organizing systems that promote administrative career success. It also explains how your unique organizing style preferences impact the way you get and stay organized. Getting organized is not one size fits all! I invite you to learn more about the book and read an excerpt at

The last section of my new book talks specifically about organizing one of the most critical areas of all – your career! We’ve been sharing a lot of tips over the past few weeks to help you organize your career more proactively. As our career options continue to evolve with the advancements in technology and the growing global economy, how we work is shifting, too. Throughout the month of May, we are going to explore the perks of flexible schedules and working virtually – both supporting teams corporately and independently as a virtual assistant. We’ll look at what you need to know to work successfully in the virtual environment, how to effectively support your team members, how to find greater flexibility in your work schedule by working virtually, and more. This week we focus specifically on how to become a virtual assistant (VA) if that’s a career path you’d like to explore.

When I decided to pursue my admin career as an independent VA, the three best pieces of advice I received were:

  1. Get a professional headshot.
  2. Seek sound legal counsel and get a good contract drafted for engaging with clients.
  3. Set up a separate bank account for the business.

These are the first three things I did when I left my corporate job, and they’re the three tips I still recommend to admins who want to strike out on their own. From there, learn everything you possibly can about running your own business – because that’s what you’re doing when you become a VA!

If becoming a VA is something you want to learn more about, we’re sharing more tips on what to expect and how to research it in this week’s feature article. We’re also sharing some great online resources on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that will help you decide if being a VA is the right career path for you.

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