Personal Note From Julie: What It Takes to Advance Your Admin Career

Nov 21, 2014 | Career Development

jobdescription14Moving up in the admin profession takes dedication and hard work. You need to invest the time and energy into expanding your role at your current position while also staying focused on your future and where you want to go next.

One of the greatest challenges admins face at annual review time or when engaging in a job search is that their title and job description aren’t an accurate reflection of what they’re doing. Being proactive and creating or updating your job description can help you define the things you’re currently doing, as well as add or remove responsibilities. This is an important step in advancing your career, regardless of whether you’re actively looking for a job or preparing for your performance appraisal.

With the end of the year fast approaching, now is an excellent time to get that job description up-to-date if you haven’t already done so. Or maybe you got the process started but ran into some roadblocks with H.R. or your executive. In this week’s feature article, I share five tips to help you overcome the common obstacles in getting your job description updated. I hope this helps you finish the process and implement your new and improved job description before 2014 wraps up!

I also encourage you to visit our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages this week to get some valuable tips and resources on advancing your career and researching new job opportunities. Whether you’re new to the profession or three years from retirement, you need to be proactive about advancing your career now. Because when opportunity knocks, you must be ready.

Supporting your administrative success,


P.S. Need some help with your job description? Take a look at our Get Your Job Description Right 5 Day Challenge. One of the primary goals of IYOTSA 2014 is to get all admins to create or update their job description by December 31. If yours is still outdated, what are you waiting for?

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