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Jul 18, 2014 | Career Development, Procedures


We’re in the middle of our 5 Days to Better Office Procedures Challenge, and already our participants’ feedback and discoveries have been extremely motivating! Before I share the secret to our challenge participants’ success, I want to share some of the comments we’ve received:

Penny: “Today is day two, and this has been really helpful and it’s holding me accountable to get this done.”

Cynthia: “My procedures book has been on my goals list for three years now. I just never knew how to get started. Thank you so much for being here and for being the answer to my prayers! I got this!”

Gretchen: “I had written most of my procedures last year, but this is helping me see what I’m still missing, and tweak the ones I have to make them clearer and more complete. I’m also going to share this with my fellow admins in our other offices. I’m hoping we can help each other work smarter, not harder.”

Elaine: “Not only am I realizing how much work we assistants do, but I’m also finding procedural things that should be in place in other departments that are not! We aren’t just documenting what we do; we’re double-checking the top level of every department our executives are in charge of. I’ve added a couple other projects to my plate to help other departments follow up. That may sound counterproductive, but it won’t be in the long run. Because of all the suggestions you listed, I’ve found things that need to be addressed immediately. This project has been worth every single second:”

Christy: “I have found the more I write down, the more I see how essential this book really is.”

Shelly:“I am finding that this exercise is great in that it shows me what my day consists of, and it will be a benefit to me when I go into my review this year.

Deborah: “I am really enjoying the challenge. It has motivated me to put together all of this information in one place so that it is easily accessible to others when I am out of the office. Thanks for the push!”

Each time we apply our “5 Day Challenge” format to an overwhelming administrative project like office procedures, our participants always finish the week amazed at how much they accomplish in such a short period of time — while still tackling their regular job responsibilities. What’s the secret? A combination of focus, accountability, support, and a time limit, plus a daily plan of action! In my feature article this week, I share more insights and strategies for how you can accomplish anything when you apply this FAST plan of action to the big goals and aspirations in your career. It’s the quickest way I know to move that “next big thing” from your to-do list to your ta-dah (it’s finally done) list.

Supporting your administrative success,

Julie Perrine

P.S. If you still want to join us for the 5 Day Challenge, you can register here. The daily videos and free downloads will be accessible for the rest of July as we celebrate the All Things Admin five-year anniversary!

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