Personal Note from Julie: Procedures Can “Simplify Your Life”

Aug 5, 2016 | Procedures

I love proceduresThis week is national “Simplify Your Life” week. And one of the reasons I love procedures is because they help you do just that!

Procedures are often seen as some big, daunting project that admins struggle to even get started, let alone complete. But when you break your procedures down into simple steps and attack them one by one, they actually create a lot of relief and support to help you accomplish the daily tasks for which you are responsible.

Procedures aren’t just for someone to use when they are covering you for an absence. Procedures are for your reference and use, too! Ever struggle to remember all of the details related to important projects or recurring tasks? Ever wish you could be more efficient and streamline activities? Procedures are the answer. Whether it’s a repetitive task or an as needed one, procedures help you capture the most efficient means of doing it so you can repeat it over and over again with the same results.

People often ask me: “If I create procedures, won’t my company be able to replace me?” This week, I answer this question in our feature article and share some insights you may not have realized about the impact procedures have on demonstrating your value in the workplace.

We’re also sharing tips and strategies regarding procedures on our social media pages. And we’d love to hear from you, as well!

  • What are your biggest challenges when it comes to creating procedures?
  • For those who have created procedures, what are the hidden benefits of developing our procedures binder that you never expected when you began creating yours?

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