Personal Note from Julie: Praise for the Workspace Organization 5 Day Challenge!

Jan 20, 2017 | Career Development, Organization, Productivity

clearing loads of clutter We’ve been clearing loads of clutter, digging out from stacks of paper and files, creating systems for workflow and filing, and we aren’t even finished yet! If you missed our free webinar last week, and still want to participate in the challenge, there’s still time!

Here’s what some of our participants have had to share about their experience this week:

Anne’s insights: “This five-day challenge has so inspired me that I actually spent this past weekend sorting through my home clutter, one table, shelf, bag at a time. I spent the full weekend tackling all of that home filing, sorting through junk and putting things where they belong. Because our family moved to another city just over a year ago, it was easy for me to cut myself some slack — ‘Oh, I’m so tired, I’ll do that next week.’ And the weeks and months go by and before you know it, you have a pile of home filing that’s almost a year and a half old. So this webinar and five-day challenge have been very helpful in getting me focused at home, as well.”

Michelle shared: “My area is small so it felt like everything was zone 1. But I removed a lot of stuff except what felt like necessities. I feel like a cloud was lifted from around me, and my energy rose a bit.”

Rosanna’s discovery: “New solution for noise filtering? Rain noise on this website — thank you for the idea! It works, and is super enjoyable.”

Donna’s realizations upon reviewing her “before” photo: “Funny how I never noticed how bad it looked until I looked at the photo.”

Pauline shared: “I was so motivated by the webinar that I started decluttering my desk today. I’m three-fourths of the way done. I can’t believe I was saving so many pieces of paper and folders. I followed the steps of putting like things together, labeling folders, and putting them away in my filing cabinet. I also got rid of several pens that I keep on my desk. It feels so much better now that the weight of clutter is lifted.”

If you’re looking for ways to reduce stress, control the chaos, and find some much needed relief from disorganization, I invite you to join us. We’ll keep the challenge active through January 31, so take advantage of this incredible free resource, and I will personally help you get more organized.

We’re also talking more about how to create an organized office on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages this week, and our feature article gives some helpful suggestions on how to identify and correct inefficiencies in your workplace!

Supporting your administrative success,


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