Personal Note From Julie: When opportunity knocks, will you be ready?

Jan 30, 2015 | Administrative Professionals

spotlightsareyoureadyThis month, we’ve been talking a lot about ways to be proactive about your career – from how to create a career plan to beating boredom, and career preparedness. We’re capping off the month by taking career prep to the next level and focusing on anticipating career opportunities.

In this digital age, admins need to be able to leverage the digital tools that are literally at our fingertips to be assets to our executives and employers and be ready for potential career opportunities. Instead of waiting for people to ask, you need to be identifying new processes, procedures, and opportunities. You need to think like a business owner, even if you’re not. And you need to pay attention.

One digital trend you cannot afford to ignore is how companies are using social media in their recruiting efforts. We shared some incredible stats on this topic during our five-day challenge earlier this month and on the APC Canada free webinar yesterday, that will help you identify some of the digital strategies that will help make your career planning even easier. This week’s feature article also explains how you can use LinkedIn to prepare for future job opportunities. You can also check out our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages for more tips and resources on anticipating career opportunities.

You never know when an opportunity may knock. Be sure you’re prepared and ready to answer when it does.

Supporting your administrative success,

Julie Perrine

P.S. If you missed this week’s AdminPro Training Series on becoming a more assertive communicator, you can still get the replay here. It was a fantastic session on how to be more assertive while effectively handling aggressive, passive, and passive-aggressive behavior at the office.

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