Personal Note from Julie: How to Onboard a New Executive

Mar 17, 2017 | Career Development, Procedures

new executiveOnboarding a new executive can be exciting and stressful all at once. Throughout my career, I’ve developed a list of questions to help me navigate this transitional period of getting to know a new executive. But this list, while important, is only a starting point. Every single interaction I had with my executives continued to give me information and clues for how to work with them more productively over time.

I’m sharing my new executive “interview questions” in this week’s feature article, and we have plenty of tips and ideas for getting to know your new manager on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages! Whether you’re starting with a new executive, or you want to hit reset with an existing one, these resources can help you create a more productive and rewarding working relationship.

Also, if you missed last week’s free administrative procedures binder webinar, you can still get the replay here, and join us for the all-new course this month. Everything you learn about working with your executive should be documented in your procedures manual. So now is a great time to create this valuable tool – for your sanity, as well as your executive’s and team’s!

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