Personal Note from Julie: Moving – a Huge Pain or a Big Game?

Sep 16, 2016 | Procedures

There are a couple of ways to view moving: a huge pain or a big game. With all of the tools and resources available to make the process a little easier, certain aspects of the move can become (almost) fun! And for me, one of the “fun” aspects is diagraming things out.

scale drawingWhen my husband and I moved from California to Iowa a few years after we got married, I used grid paper to create a scale drawing of our moving truck, and how our furniture and other belongings would fit into it. If the moving truck we rented had actually been what I reserved, it would have been a perfect fit. But instead, they gave us a truck without a “Granny’s Attic” (an overhead storage space), and I lost valuable square footage over the cabin area. This required us to pack the truck higher and use the interior of our car that we were towing on the trailer. It turned out ok in the end, but it made for a much longer and slower trip due to the way our load was packed.

Last year, when we moved from Iowa to Indiana, I didn’t need to diagram the moving truck because we were using professional movers. But I did need to determine how my furniture would fit into some of the apartment floor plans we looked at. I discovered a digital tool called Lucid Chart that helped me diagram things digitally. It was awesome! When we settled on our apartment floor plan, I measured the walls and created a template, which allowed me to test some room layouts. I was able to create furniture pieces that were the exact footprint of my own items. Lucid Chart also helped me determine what I needed to get rid of because we picked the layout for each room before our moving truck was even packed!

This is just one example of using tools and resources to help you make moving – whether personally or corporately – a little smoother, and even (dare I say it?) more enjoyable. And there are plenty more tips where that came from! This week, we’re sharing some helpful lists, ideas, and information with you on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages!

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