Personal Note from Julie: Join Us for an All-New Organize Your Workspace 5 Day Challenge!

Jan 13, 2017 | Organization

Organize Your Workspace 5 Day ChallengeI am so excited about our brand new Organize Your Workspace 5 Day Challenge that kicks off on Monday, January 16, that I can hardly contain myself! I’m a relatively organized person most of the time, but even I have my moments – or periods of time – when things get out of control in my office. And nothing makes me happier than the feeling of calm that returns to my life and my work when I recover from those times. That’s why I’m so excited to share some of my workspace organizing strategies with you next week!

When we moved a couple of years ago, it took me a few weeks to get my office back to an organized state that I felt productive working in again. My friend Maggie — also a professional organizer — kept reminding me that the chaos I was experiencing was temporary. It’s called situational disorganization, she’d say. And eventually it did pass and my office became my happy, productive place again.

With my mom’s cancer recurrence early last year, I immediately knew that I was likely in for another stretch of situational disorganization. I was making trips back to Iowa monthly and spending a lot of time on the phone with medical staff and family in between to coordinate care for her. On top of that, I was trying to get The Organized Admin finished, travel for speaking engagements, and keep my company running. I was exhausted, and keeping my office perfectly organized was not my top priority.

The awesome thing about the recovery period from this time, though, was that I had systems in place to keep my work and projects organized. So it didn’t take as long to feel like I was back on top of things again. I was behind on some things. There was some clutter to clear again. But I knew exactly what I needed to do and started working my way through it. That is the beauty of creating effective systems to support your success no matter what happens! You’re still going to have things go wrong, but you can recover more skillfully with good systems.

If you missed our free webinar yesterday, you can still get the replay. And you can still join us for next week’s Organize Your Workspace 5 Day Challenge. If you’ve participated in any of our past challenges, you know how much we accomplish in just five short days, and how much fun we have doing it! If you’re new to All Things Admin, then you’re in for a treat next week. But you have to be registered to gain access to all of the free resources we’ll be sharing!

This week’s feature article shares some insights on why even the most organized among us sometimes struggle with disorganization. We’re also sharing tips on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages on personal organization — everything from organizing your career to your schedule and more!

I hope you’ll join us for the Organize Your Workspace 5 Day Challenge next week, and share some of your favorite tips and strategies for creating calm in your workspace, too!

Supporting your administrative success,


Time and Space Style InventoryP.S. Want to learn your unique organizing style? Take the Time and Space Style Inventory (TSSI) and get organized in a way that truly works for you! You can find the online assessment here.

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