Personal Note from Julie: Innovating My Time Management Strategies

Feb 17, 2017 | Leadership

time management from a “parenting” perspectiveIn the past three months, I’ve learned a lot about time management from a “parenting” perspective. Since my youngest sister welcomed her second daughter at the end of November, I’ve been helping them out as much as I can. Both my sister and her husband are entrepreneurs, which adds its own challenges to the mix when it comes to time management. If you’ve ever struggled to get things done on a normal day, just add a toddler and an infant to the mix! I have a whole new appreciation for parents, especially mompreneurs!

This week, I’m staying with another sister to care for her following a recent surgery. She works virtually and has a little boy who is 22 months old. It’s a busy place when my nephew is awake, as those with kids know all too well. So making use of the spare moments during the day, nap time, and especially after bedtime is key to getting things done. I’ve definitely become much more innovative about my time management strategies these past few weeks!

As an admin, managing your time properly is important – but you’re also likely responsible for managing your executive’s time, too. This week, we’re sharing tips and advice on how to keep your executive on schedule and productive on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. This ties into our feature article, which also highlights why it’s vital to your executives that you become more innovative in your approach to doing things.

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