Personal Note from Julie: Are You Developing Your Leadership Skills?

May 12, 2017 | Career Development, Leadership

more confident you becomeThe more you know and the more experience you gain, the more confident you become in what you do. When confidence builds, your natural leadership abilities blossom, as well. For administrative professionals, proactively developing your leadership skills needs to be part of your regular commitment to becoming better at what you do!

What is leadership? There are a lot of definitions, but the one I typically think of first is influence. Assistants have a tremendous ability to influence decisions and activities occurring on their teams and in their companies every single day. If you’re identifying inefficiencies and implementing improvements, you’re a leader. If you are providing input and feedback to your executives, you’re a leader. If you’re searching for and providing solutions to problems your team members are facing, you’re a leader.

The admin profession is one of leadership. And whether you’ve fully realized your potential as a leader already, or you’re working to embrace it, you have the opportunity to step into leadership every day when you walk through your office doors.

This week, we’re explaining how to take the lead in your admin job and career on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. I also share one of my favorite ways to develop my own ability to lead in this week’s feature article on building your business acumen.

This month’s Training Series webinar also addresses a key area in which assistants have a lot of opportunities to exercise their leadership muscles: helping their teams navigate change. Never underestimate the influence you have in becoming a champion of change for yourself, your executive, and your organization!

Supporting your administrative success,


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