Personal Note from Julie: Career Development is Your Responsibility!

Oct 21, 2016 | Productivity

training, mentoring“Security doesn’t lie within a company. It lies within you.” This has become one of my favorite quotes from my friend and colleague, Joan Burge, Founder and CEO of Office Dynamics. It epitomizes my philosophy of career preparedness. I’ve never looked at my career development as anyone’s responsibility but my own. And I want to encourage you to embrace this mindset, too. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for support from your employer whenever and wherever possible. It means that even if the answer is no, you still take ownership in finding another way to get the training, mentoring, and support you need to advance your career!

Throughout my admin career, I’ve tapped into countless free, low-fee, and “investment-in-me” options to develop my skills. I’ve had informal mentoring relationships and formal coaching support. I’ve pursued professional certifications and continuing education courses. I’ve attended conferences, workshops, and online training. I’ve read numerous books and attended countless networking events. And I now use social media on a daily basis to tap into training and resources I’m looking for.

There is so much out there, but you have to be willing to take the initiative to look for it and be disciplined enough to apply it when you find it!

If you want to succeed and advance in your admin career, you need to take responsibility for investing both time and money into it. This week, we’re sharing tips, advice, and resources on how you can invest in your professional career on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. And I share five specific ways you can get started in this week’s feature article.

Become your own best security blanket by consistently investing in yourself and your career!

Supporting your administrative success,


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