Personal Note from Julie: Can You Unplug?

Jun 20, 2014 | Productivity


We live in a digital age where technology is an integral part of each and every day. Technology certainly helps us in our personal and professional lives. It allows us to connect with family and friends around the world. It saves time. It helps us be more productive and innovative in our administrative positions. And it allows us to work from just about anywhere. While all these are all great benefits of living in a tech-centric world, sometimes our gadgets and gizmos can get in the way, too.

Can you remember the last time you spent a day completely unplugged from all of it? I bet it’s been awhile.

Technology is wonderful, but there’s a place and time for it…and it’s not 24/7. Being tethered to a device has some downsides. Being constantly plugged in can adversely impact your career, relationships, and overall health. It’s one thing to be a dedicated and responsive employee, but we all need to set healthy boundaries. Checking your email or text messages every five minutes is setting expectations you cannot sustain over time. It can be perceived as disrespectful to those you are with – especially in a meeting. It probably isn’t doing wonders for your stress level either. A recent Gallup poll determined that heavy smartphone users experience significantly elevated levels of stress. Our devices can also be distracting, which can hamper your productivity, and even cause an accident if you’re texting/talking while driving. (Please, please don’t do this!)

I am a huge proponent of technology and I strongly encourage all admins to use it. But learning to unplug is just as important in becoming a more tech-savvy admin. This week’s feature article highlights my experience and tips for going tech-free. We’re also sharing more insights and excellent resources on this topic on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Technology is vital to our lives. But putting it down for a while is equally important. I challenge you to spend some time this week (or weekend) away from your devices and encourage you to be fully present for the people with you and the life moments happening around you. You deserve it.

Supporting your administrative success,

Julie Perrine

P.S. This week’s AdminTech Crash Course on using Microsoft Quick Parts, can help you save time so you have more time to unplug. Missed the session? You can still get the replay!


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