Personal Note from Julie: You Are Your Own Best Recruiter

Jul 15, 2016 | Career Development

pros and cons of engaging with a recruiterWhen it comes to job hunting, the debate continues on the pros and cons of engaging with a recruiter. Whether or not you choose to use a recruiter is a personal choice and depends on the specifics of your situation. Over time, I’ve adjusted my opinion on this debate. If you take a proactive approach to career planning, I believe you are your own best recruiter! You (and you alone) know your skills and abilities the best when it comes to knowing if you’re the right “fit” for the job.

Whether you’re out of work, looking to make a change, or simply open to the possibility of a new opportunity, the game plan remains the same. In order to be a desirable candidate, you need to be prepared. That means honing your skills, following industry trends, keeping your resume and professional portfolio updated, cultivating your professional network – online and in person, and doing everything you can to be the best candidate you can possibly be! The key is to be doing all of these things even when you don’t think you need a new job.

There are times when finding a good recruiter can make a positive difference in helping you land the right position, though. If you’re moving or changing industries (or career fields entirely), a recruiter can significantly increase your career prospects. If you find a well-networked, highly-skilled recruiter, their connections can shorten the timeline significantly in your search. But it’s still your job to seal the deal. And working with a recruiter should never be an excuse to ignore the due diligence you owe to yourself in researching and learning about the job opportunities that are presented to you!

This week’s feature article delves deeper into what you can and should be doing so you can be your own best recruiter when career changes happen, as well as how to avoid becoming complacent in your current position.

We’re also sharing plenty of information about the pros and cons of working with recruiters this week on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages! I think you’ll find some of the facts and figures of interest. I know I did.

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